Lovebug-ism of the Day!

This morning we were rushing out the door to the grocery store because I overestimated how much toilet paper we had left when I went to the store a couple days ago (to avoid the crowds).  

I told Lovebug to grab a friend (one of her many stuffed animals) to bring with her, and she came running back with her parrot/macaw saying, “I got my BEST BUDDY!”.

Me: “BEST buddy? Wow! Even more than Peanut?”.  Peanut is her elephant that has been her best friend since Christmas 2007.

Lovebug: “No, (with the DUH tone) Peanut is my best FRIEND.  Macaw is my best BUDDY”


Me: “What’s the difference?”

LB (said in her best annoyed teenager voice): “Friend starts with an F, and Buddy starts with a B.  Friend ends in D, and Buddy ends in Y.”

Oh yea, silly me.  How in the world did I not know the difference between those two words?


I love my little literal girl!! She makes me smile.  Every single day.

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