Christmas on the Square

This past weekend, Lovebug and I went to a local city’s Christmas on the Square! It was so much fun! The entire street was decorated with beautiful lights, programmed to the music (click here for video)

2010-12-18 059

They had bounce houses, a balloon artist, and a SNOW SLIDE!  First we watched Santa parachute in, which was fun.  Lovebug kept talking about how she got to watch Daddy skydive like that – she was so proud!  Then, we headed over to the Snow Slide to get in line early.  What fun! We would have done it over and over if the line hadn’t been so long.

Here is a video I took of her going down.  I was going down right beside and behind her.  Can you tell she loved it?

We wandered around the square for a while, browsed in a couple shops, and watched the hot air Balloon Glow.  Those balloons were so pretty at night, and we were able to walk right up to the baskets and chat with the people.  I’ve never touched the basket of a hot air balloon before, so that was fun.  I would LOVE to go for a ride in one, but you know those things cost around $250 per person for a ride?  OUCH!

2010-12-18 074 2010-12-18 081 2010-12-18 084 2010-12-18 091 2010-12-18 093 2010-12-18 070

We attempted to go for a carriage ride, but after waiting in line for 45 min or so, Lovebug desperately had to go to the bathroom! I felt so bad for her.  She just couldn’t wait, and the bathroom was far enough away, I didn’t feel right asking them to hold our place in line.  So, we bailed on the line, went to the bathroom and decided to jump in line for another Snow Slide instead! This time we went down holding hands – me facing backward and her forward.

What a great night!

2010-12-18 062

2010-12-18 064

2010-12-18 106

Fun with Frosty!!  It still amazes me that she is either completely terrified of these dress up characters, or runs up to hug them.  It’s one extreme or the other, and I never know which way it will go.

2010-12-18 107

Her HORSE balloon!

2010-12-18 109

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