The ADVENTure of Christmas

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I was so excited to see The ADVENTure of Christmas: Helping Children Find Jesus in our Holiday Traditions by Lisa Whelchel on the shelf at my church library! I love Lisa Whelchel’s books and this was no exception!  For those of you thinking, “I’ve heard that name before….” – YES! She played Blair on the Facts of Life in the 80′s!

This is a book that you should pack with your Thanksgiving decorations so you make sure to get it out on time!  For each of the 24 days before Christmas, she gives us a fun way to learn the significance behind our favorite Christmas traditions.  For each of these customs, she provides historical information written in a kid-friendly, easy to understand manner, along with a craft or recipe to help make the point.  Your family will love learning the traditions behind the Christmas Tree, The Candy Cane, Christmas Cards, Angels, Caroling, and more.

When learning about the tradition of putting Lights On The Tree, you can follow her recipe to make a Christmas Tree Cake with Flaming Stars. Doesn’t that sound fun? You get to light sugar cubes on fire!  Or you can do a Candy Cane Science Experiment as you learn the tradition behind this yummy candy.  As she talks about Angels, she tells you how to make an Angel out of your child’s hand and foot prints – sure to be a great gift for the grandparents. Another fun one I can’t wait to try is making a Hug Through the Mail. I think this will be perfect for sending to Daddy while he’s away from home.

I love that the activities & recipes are simple, and use easy-to-find supplies, but provide a lot of hands-on fun for all ages.  With just a little bit of preparation time, you will have fun, family activities to do all month,  She also includes “Teachable Moments” for each of the customs, providing thought provoking questions for the parents to ask the children, and suggestions of topics to discuss.   These would be great dinner time conversations, or sweet, quiet talks at bedtime.  The ADVENTure of Christmas will provide you with years and years of enjoyment as your family creates new traditions through the activities shared here.  I especially love that she incorporates her faith in God and the true meaning of the season, while also including the custom of Santa, and the traditions of wrapping, giving, & opening gifts.

The artwork provided by Jeannie Mooney in this book is just as amazing as the content! Beautifully drawn, colored pictures relating to each and every custom just draw you in, and will make it fun for your children to enjoy as well!

Since I didn’t have this book on December 1st, we’ll just have to jump in where we can! I can’t wait to try the Candy Cane Science Experiment, learn how to say “Merry Christmas” in Italian, or make a Crayon Candle.

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