Out of the mouth of babes

I was going through an old notebook of mine that I had used for all sorts of random notes from grocery lists to quotes from Lovebug.  There is some good stuff in there!

Last March she said,

“Speaking of Easter…Can I have some water?  I said speaking of Easter because blue is an Easter color and water is blue.  Sometimes you wear blue on Easter like a bow or polka dots.  Easter is bright colors like blue, pink and yellow.”

See why I write this stuff down?  She’s FUNNY!  Here’s another one….


Mommy, I peeled all the skin off my grape with my teeth and now it’s GREEN as a whistle!”

Speaking of grapes…one time when she was about 3, she was eating grapes.  We looked over and she was blowing on the end of the grape.  I asked her what she was doing, and she said,

“Trying to make it bigger, like a balloon”

She was dead serious.  Hilarious, I tell you!

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