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There is a local hardware store that has a post office located in the back of the store.  It comes in very handy this time of year when the line at the regular P.O is out the door and down the street.  I would think that every local knows about this little secret, yet of all the times I’ve gone in to mail a package I’ve never had to wait behind more than 3 people.  It’s awesome!

I took Lovebug with me the other day, and it turned into an adventure!

First, a pony ride 🙂



Then, she wanted to look at the faucets for some reason, so we headed down that aisle.   She saw THIS…..


….and practically SCREAMED while waving her arms, “Oh WOW! It’s a DOUBLE TOILET!”.  I laughed so hard before I had to explain to her that they were just placed next to each other for display.  I guess I really should take her out in public more often. Come to think of it, it might be a handy idea as long as you didn’t need any privacy.


Up front near the registers, she spotted an ice cream freezer cooler and stopped to peek.  She saw a push-up pop and remembered having one at the State Fair 3 years ago!! (Oh, to have her memory!)  I figured that must have been before we stopped eating artificial food coloring, but decided to check anyway.  To my surprise, it was colored naturally! So, I let her get one.  You would have thought she won the lottery!

This is what you get when you ask a child to smile while they are trying to lick their ice cream.  She looks like she’s growling at me.


2 thoughts on “Elliott’s Hardware

  1. The house I lived in during college had two toilets right next to each other in the bathroom. No dividers, no stall, nothing. Just two side by side toilets. I guess in case one of my roommates and I wanted to hold hands while going?

    I never could figure it out.

    1. Your comment reminded me of the place our family used to have family reunions. It was a rec center and there was a bathroom that was a large room (well, large for a bathroom – like the size of 4 stalls) that had 2 toilets side by side. Both adult ones, so it’s not like it was a family room. My cousin and I used to think it was the oddest thing! I mean, who would use that? If they had put a wall in twice as many people could go. Weird.

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