A Colorful Day!

Lovebug and I have been having a lot of fun incorporating Christmas into our school work!  Many of our Christmas activities come from the 1+1+1=1 website! This is one of my all time favorite homeschooling/preschool/early elementary idea sites…EVER! I am so very thankful that she provides so much of her hard work for the public to use for FREE!  I love FREE!  She has an entire Christmas “Tot Pack” of worksheets and printables available as well as a Nativity Tot Pack – check them out!

At first I thought some of them would be too young for Lovebug, but she LOVES them! Even if she already knows the material, she’s getting practice with fine motor skills (scissor work & coloring), and building her confidence as I work the easier things in between her harder subjects.

We also love these Christmas math worksheets from Kidzone.  Again, FREE! Lovebug’s fine motor skills are weak, so handwriting is her biggest challenge right now.  These are a fun way for her to practice writing her numbers.

We started the day with some letter tracing (letters A & B), then she traced a few color words in a book she’s putting together.

2011-12-09 001

We followed those with a number tracing page.  Then we moved on to a math worksheet because she thinks that’s fun!  She doesn’t realize she’s still getting more practice writing her numbers, she just loves to add!  Shhh, don’t tell her.

After all that, it was time for some art.  Today, she was using her dot paint markers and working on her Letter J Dot page.

2011-12-09 002 2011-12-09 007

After finishing the page, she wanted some free time to just create, so she got out a white sheet of paper and wanted me to give her suggestions for what colors to mix.  I drew some circles and labeled 3 of them “red + blue”, “red + yellow”, and “yellow + blue”.  Then, I let her do all the painting and she just went with it!  She came up with more ideas for color mixing, wrote a couple words all on her own (orange and green) and was so excited when she was finished as she announced, “I made a COLOR CHART! All by myself!”.

2011-12-09 008

She wanted to write the words “Color Chart” at the top, so I took that opportunity to work on her spelling and problem solving.  I asked her how she could find out how to spell the words she wanted to write.  She said “Ask Mommy!”.  Smart girl.  I told her that was one way, but I wanted her to think of another way.  She said “Use the dictionary!”.  So she got out one of her dictionaries and found the word “color” all by herself.  She can read on a 3rd grade level, so finding the word wasn’t hard for her.  Her struggle is hearing the letter sounds in her head and translating it in order to spell it.  She can tell you the E says “Eh” (Thanks to Tad & Leapfrog’s Letter Factory!), but she doesn’t always hear it.

The word “chart” was a big harder as it wasn’t in either of our “First” dictionaries.  So, we sounded it out.  First the blend “ch”, then the “ar” sound, followed by the ending sound for “t”.  She was so thrilled that she figured it all out.  Then I showed it to her in the bigger Children’s Dictionary so she could see that she spelled it correctly.  Spelling has been a big challenge area for us the past year, so it’s so exciting to see her making leaps & bounds in that area.

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