What is this…REVEALED!

I can’t believe so many people guessed that this was a THRONE!  You were SO CLOSE!

2011-11-28 002

It’s sort of a throne…it’s a TOILET!

Lovebug created this as a toilet (with heat lamps no less!) for her Lego person.

Then, Hubby came home for Thanksgiving, took one look at it (without a person on it) and said, “Is that a flying toilet?”.

I was in AWE.  Seriously.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

It reminds me of a time years and years ago when I was playing Pictionary (remember that game?) with our family.  My mom and her best friend were on the same team.  My mom drew a circle with a line going down from it.   It looked like this:


My mom’s friend took one look and said “Yo-Yo!”.

She guessed right.  That’s exactly what my mom had meant to draw.

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