God doesn’t lead you anywhere He hasn’t already been

I gave Hubby a card recently that said that.  I thought it was perfect for this new Army adventure we are going on.  We are in the last 90 days before we will be moving, but we don’t know yet where we are going.

The same applies to our foster baby.  God knows his future, even though we can’t see it.  I came out of court Friday knowing that this little boy that we’ve raised since he was 7 days old was not going to be ours forever.  It’s time to let him go.  The bio-mom now has a chance to come up with someone that she would like to care for Little Bear and pass that on to CPS.  As long as they can pass all the checks and are willing & able, then the mom can pretty much pick where he goes.   If she doesn’t give them anyone that she approves of, then he will go into a random foster home.

That afternoon I met with a dear friend of mine.  She gave me the information about a couple that she has been friends with for years that is just finishing getting licensed as foster parents.  She had talked to them and they were open and very willing to care for Little Bear.  They would be awesome for this, really.  This would be a great, safe, Christian home for him.

So I passed on the info to the bio-mom.  But she’s scared.  Scared of the unknown.  She doesn’t know these people.  She knows me.  She knows we love him and care for him and she’s comfortable with that.  So she starts talking about just relinquishing her rights and just letting us adopt him. Because we’ve always been there for him.  Because we know him.  Because she knows us.  Because it’s comfortable. Another giant hill on the emotional roller coaster.  My heart wants that so badly.  “Yes!”, I thought, “Just let us keep him!”.  But she wasn’t sure.  She couldn’t come to peace with the decision.  The main reason she was seeking that path was because she was afraid to go down the path of the unknown.  But God has already been where she hasn’t, and He will equip her for this.  I can’t let her make this choice just because she’s scared.  That’s not trusting God completely.  We have to give Him room to work.

As easy as I think it would be for me to talk her into it, I just can’t.  I really feel in my heart that it’s time for us to move on.  I think that she’s not done fighting yet and that she would regret making this rash choice.  It’s not something you rush into.  Also, if God intends for this little boy to be ours, then timelines and deadlines will not get in His way.  I feel like the enemy keeps dangling a carrot in front of my nose, but it’s time to stop chasing the carrot.  There is a new adventure for Little Bear to go on now.  It’s new, but it’s not unfamiliar to God.

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