The best Daddy Daughter Dance ever!

2010-08-28 025

A couple days before Hubby left, Lovebug was talking to him about the Daddy Daughter Dance they went to back in February.  Out of the blue Lovebug says to Daddy….”I wish we could do another Daddy Daughter Dance in our fancy clothes just in our living room at home!”.   Hey! We can do that! Why not? Hubby said, “How about tomorrow morning?”, and they had a date!

She was so excited! Hubby was excited too about this chance to have one more dance with her before leaving.  I was so glad that she said something so we were able to make her dream come true.

The next morning before we headed out for a family day, my sweet Hubby and my precious little girl got all dressed up!  I just love seeing my husband in a tux – so handsome!! Just like our wedding day!  Lovebug looked beautiful in her “fancy dance dress” too!  She didn’t have to wear shoes either, so that was a bonus!  I even served them snacks 🙂  I put together a playlist for them that included some slow, sappy ones as well as a couple fast dance songs.  Here is the list:

Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman  (I got in a little trouble for making him cry right away!)

The Crazy Dance by Go Fish

In My Daughter’s Eyes by Martina McBride

Daddy’s Little Girl by Michael Bolton

Cha Cha Slide by Mr. C

Think of Me by Veggie Tales

It was the most precious thing I have ever seen in my life…watching my husband and daughter spend those few moments together creating a lifetime of memories.  I know it was a moment we will never forget.  They both said this one was even more fun than the big dance they went to…much more relaxed and less crowded.  Let me share a little bit with you!  (I know….lots of images, but they are worth it!)

2010-08-28 039 2010-08-28 028 2010-08-28 030 2010-08-28 033 2010-08-28 035

Here are a few video clips too!

4 comments to The best Daddy Daughter Dance ever!

  • Tata Barb

    I even got a little misty. So so sweet!!! And Rob is just about the BEST SPORT of a daddy ever!!! Jumping around like a monkey in a tux (maybe THAT’s why they’re called “monkey suits”!! HA HA HA HA) Thanks for sharing!!! It’s so special!!

  • Terri

    Wow, how great is that?! Love the photos and the videos; thank you for sharing. You need to save these for her wedding! 🙂

  • Louise Jolly

    You can “see” the love in both of their eyes. They love each other so much and that little girl just adores her Daddy! Okay, I admit it, it made me cry but it was a “nice” cry!

    Lovely, lovely, lovely and as someone else commented, “Save these for her Wedding!” for sure.

    Love ya all!
    Aunt Louise

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