How my daughter thinks…

2010-05-02 022

Lovebug: “Mommy, do you know why I chose the glow-in-the-dark Silly Putty to play with this morning?

Me: “No, why did you choose that one?”

Lovebug: “Just in case all the lights in our house go out.  That’s just how I am, I like to be “just in case”.


Lovebug: “I wish there was a store full of all baby stuff that glowed-in-the-dark…even the PJs! Then, you could get Little Bear some PJs that glowed in the dark and when you went in to pick up up during the night, you would be able to find him!”


Lovebug: “I wish the whole world was made out of food.  Because then everyone could eat in bed whenever they wanted!  Even better, everyone could just eat whenever they wanted. Our property would be made out of our favorite foods, and other people’s property would be made out of their favorite foods.  If you went in your room, your favorite foods would be there, in my room would be my favorite foods, and in Little Bear’s room would be his favorites.  In the living room, you know what would be there?  ALL of our favorites, and they would be labeled with our names!”

(at this point, she asked me if I was writing down what she said.  When I told her yes, she then wanted to dictate more to me)

“Anything that is already food would stay food, but everything else would turn into food!  Well, except our very favorite toys like Peanut (her stuffed Elephant) – those would stay toys.

And also, every single food was labeled with the food names right under our names so that we would know which one was our food and what it was, and we could also have a trampoline made our of Jello so I could jump higher and higher than I did before!  And guess what your bed was made of? It was made of soft warm cushy marshmallows and so was my bed!”

I love my girl to the moon and back! She’s so cute, smart, creative, and funny!

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