Out of the mouths of babes

Out of the blue, Lovebug asked me this question,

“How do I know if it’s God talking to me, or if it’s Satan talking to me, or if it’s ME talking to me?”

Really?  She’s 6.  I was over 30 before I attempted to address that question for myself.  She is so incredibly deep, it’s amazing.

I struggled with how to answer her appropriately.  I didn’t want to blow off such an important question with too childish of an answer, but then again, she IS a child.

Here is the bottom line of what I told her:

1) The more you talk to God, the more you’ll recognize His voice.  Just like you recognize the voice when your spouse, mom, or best friend call you on the phone without them having to introduce themselves each time.

2) Compare what you are being told against the Bible.  God is never going to tell you to do something that goes against what He tells us in His Word.  So if you hear “go kick that girl because she has on a blue dress and your favorite color is pink” – that’s not from God.  God would not tell you to kick anyone.

3) It’s ok to ask God to clarify things for you.  He wants you to understand Him, and He isn’t going to be offended if you are TRYING to understand, but are having trouble.  Tell Him you need help, and He will help you.

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